Hair style battles for over 50s Spot the $500 do

What do you notice first on a woman: hair or shoes? I’m in the hair first camp because it really does make a big statement about us, and within the first two seconds of meeting. Bad hair can drain your confidence – we rely on our hairstyles to make us feel, well, great.

Admittedly, with peri-menopause, hair texture seems to change – hormonal changes can cause hair to fall out, so it gets thinner. But these days there are no rules about hair length and hair style for baby boomers any more.

Canadian women spend a lot on hair – products and styling – to enhance our look. Have you noticed a big gap between what different stylists charge us?
What a difference a hairstyle can make

Getting to the point – a war between stylists. Not just on price, you understand, but on what you end up with for your money. I had a shocking surprise recently. It compelled me to ask can you tell the difference between a $500 style and a $45 do? Here’s a test … take a look at these two photos, and see if you can spot which cost the most. (These are not salon standard, retouched professional photos, so apologies for the quality … as long as you can see the hair.)