Target market

Well-educated, middle class, generally active and healthy Toronto and GTA residents, mostly women, who are over 50 and are seeking inspiration to try something different, and who are increasingly web savvy. This demographic has disposable income, more time for leisure pursuits, and seeks ways to enhance their lifestyles by trying out products, services and activities.


Magazine style website aimed exclusively at Toronto and GTA residents. It is designed to build community engagement and interaction and thus maximize traffic of high value to potential advertisers. Updated regularly with new, dynamic content that relates to third-age living in the Toronto area, Tempo Toronto is an online-only interactive site using social media tools, text and relevant photography, and includes audio and video presentation of subject matter, encouraging participation in building dynamic social networks. Extensive marketing of compelling content and social networking resources encourage frequent return visits, and use of corporate sponsorships, contests and readership commentary as well as social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook keep visitor traffic high.