Tempo Toronto is the creation of Tina Rogers, former executive, journalist, photographer and consultant in business communications with an MBA and Masters in Management. When she retired from her role as senior executive in a Canadian software company, she gained peace, contentment and the opportunity to try new things in her life.

In the spirit of sharing, she had the vision to create a magazine that would inspire fellow third-agers living in and around Toronto to sometimes escape from their roles as parents, grandparents, employees, housekeepers, caregivers and adult children and try something different just for themselves. Tina’s third-age achievements include learning to ride and winning first prize in a novice dressage competition, getting a pilot’s license, piloting a helicopter, qualified in sailing, rescue SCUBA diver, cross-country and downhill skiing, canoeing and camping in Algonquin’s back-country, winter camping in a self-built quinzy, dragon boat racing for charity, tried on-line dating and met her dearly beloved of 7 years, discovered a talent for watercolour painting, became board member with several charity and not-for-profit organisations, graduated with an MBA and Masters in Management, and bought a Vespa. Now 56, she’s not even close to stopping!

“I come from a simple background. If I can push the envelope during my third age, then anyone can. I am motivated to explore all that life has to offer, and continue to embrace new opportunities.”

Tempo Toronto is only about encouragement and inspiration. It’s all positive. We want to open doors to persuade you to try something new, something that perhaps wasn’t even on your radar. And, most of all, Tempo Toronto is all about being positive and staying active in mind, body and spirit. We ask you to join our community by registering, and get connected to other inspirational people.

We want you to comment on articles, and provide content to help us build the online community that works for you.